On Mon, Dec 13, 1999 at 09:59:53AM +0100, Sven Neumann 
> would need some good thoughts and probably even the redesign of some core
> menus are hacked up

Sven, I appreciate your comment on my plug-in. Have you looked at it? I do
not consider it "being hacked up" thanks a lot and please go on valueing
the work of others that low.

> in a scripting language that is not supported on all systems.

That scripting language is supported on many MORE systems than java and
gimp together, mind you? The interface to it, if you meant to say that,
is supported on all systems except win32 (which would require makefile
changes at most I presume).

Come on Sven, this is FUD.

> Great, now we have two ways to access the GAP

(Actually, we have over 20 ways or so...)

I think the current interface is indeed hacked up (on the PDB level), btw.
(for example it isn't even possible to adjust the brightness with filter
all layers, at leats not with additional, really disgusting hacks).

However, I consider it short-minded to think that a simple addition of a
vcr console to gap would fix all the internal problems of that plug-in
(that should have been written in perl anyway, where it is *way* easier
to implement the very simple functionality of the gap plug-in family in a
more correct way).

> Doesn't that really make it much more useful and intuitive for the
> average GIMP user.

I think the gimp-user is the last one to tell the different between gtk+
and gtk+.

It would be really intuitive for the user if Filter all Layers (for
example) wouldn't be limited to c and perl plug-ins.

I will happily remove my hack once gap is fixed. This has happened before
and I didn't cry to be superceded. It has also happened a lot more times,
however, that people announced these-and-those improvements and never did
it (Hello Sven, btw!).

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