The message means that Gimp's jpeg plug-in is complied with a older version
of the jpeg library (6.1 i think). The easiest solution is that you
download the src package of Gimp 1.0.2 and extract the jpeg src file. I
think it's only one c file and you should be able to recompile it with
gimptool --build jpeg.c .

Cheers Olof

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Lo Ernest wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to use GIMP 1.0.2 to convert rgb files to jpeg.  However it
> doesn't work and I get the following message:  "Wrong JPEG library
> version:  library is 62, caller expects 61".
> What is the best and fastest way to solve this problem?  There should be a
> way to install the correct library (61).  The GIMP websites show libraries
> such as jpegsrc.v6b.t.ar.gz and it's unclear if this corresponds to 62 or
> 61.  I would like to avoid reinstalling GIMP which also requires a
> reinstallation of GTK.  
> Thanks very much,
>       Ernest

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