>> * app/app_procs.c: I thought we should have a real splash (without
>> decoration). Like it???
>Not really. We tried this back in the pre-1.0 days, and switched it back
>because unmanaged windows for splashes are evil (they appear on all desktops,
>above all windows).

Uuumm, if someone wants non decored window, I guess wm can handle that. Just
that window should have some ID that no other has so wm can match it and
apply no decor.

>While the splash is cool and all, we should not be so arrogant to assume
>people always want to stare at it. :)

True, really true. I want to work, and with a multitasking system that means
the less splashes the better. Most times I launch Gimp ahead (no splash and
maybe even no data) and keep working in other things.

Anyway, the guy that invented splash windows surely was a marketing guy. A
clock or small widget somewhere saying "Loading Foo" should  be enough in
any situation. If the app is good it does not need to do user brain washing.

Well, lot of people always say that I am bit radical and that my GUI looks
spartan or "console rendered by pixel instead of by chars". ;]


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