On Mon, Dec 20, 1999 at 12:05:51PM +0200, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> Here is my suggestion for the solution: user should be able to set
> the active tool for an image. The palette image would have a color picker
> and the other image would have a brush. When mouse pointer moves to
> an image, the tool is changed to the active tool of the corresponding
> image.
I suggest the following generalisation: 
a thingy (for lack of a good name) which: 
        - activates a certain tool on the toolbox
          and has its own settings for that tool
        - picks a certain color/pattern/gradient
        - picks a certain brush
        - etc...
Every image can then have a set of thingies associated
with it (just like a set of paths). A user can select
a thingy from this list, which is an easy way of selecting
a tool from the toolbox, picking the right color and
picking the right brush and ... This way, you can
switch between different presets and don't have to do
a lot of tedious mouse action to setup a tool. 

In response to the 'active tool' issue: to make it possible 
to have an active tool, you simply
pick the right thingy from the list which makes it active.
To have no thingy selected, there would have to be an
item <no thingy>, of course.

('Tool' would have been the perfect name for 'thingy', but
the tools in the toolbox are kind of abstract. When you
talk about 'pencil' in real life, you usually mean something
like 'a 2B pencil' or 'my Conte pencil', not 'THE pencil
tool with a brush size of 4 and color gray'.</what's in a name>)  


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