On Tue, Dec 21, 1999 at 07:35:33AM -0500, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
>    Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 08:54:11 +0100
>    From: Marc Lehmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>    I think I can understand the idea ;) It's just that I almost
>    always have many images open, and want to use the same tool for
>    all of them.
> Based on this, why is making it a preference option a bad idea?

  Because for something like this, *if* you want the feature at all I
posit you'll want very fine-grained control over it; so a simple
global setting just won't do. And if it won't do, it'll just further
clutter the preferences without much use, and therefore is to be
regarded as evil, IMO. (Putting preferences in that aren't very useful
makes the very useful ones less so because they become harder to

Cheers, Tilman

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