On Tue, Dec 21, 1999 at 01:25:13PM +0100, Tilman Bohn wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 21, 1999 at 11:06:05AM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> > On Tue, Dec 21, 1999 at 10:56:28AM +0100, "Paul E.C. Melis"
> > <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Default for images could then be that there's no specific active
> > > tool, while you could still select one (and make it active) later,
> > > if you want.
> > 
> > > I don't see how you could dislike this.
> > 
> > I dislike it because it does not say how this is accomplished. Do I
> > have a toggle for each tool, for each image, or?
> For each tool I would think.
> > > be changed, and if you would like an active tool at some point,
> > > just make one active.
> > 
> > Yes, but how is this done?
> If I may butt in here for a moment?
>   How about context menus for tools in the toolbox? (Are there already
> context menus for them in 1.1?) Pop it up, and select from `Stick Tool
> to Active Image,' `Activate Tool for all Images,' amongst other

"Stick tool to active image" will happen always since the active image IS
the one you are drawing to. I seriously suggest you forget this thing and
use the keyboard shortcuts to toggle between tools OR use an intuos pen to
switch the tools. You can even use one pen - the pen and the eraser tip are
different devices - you can assign 2 different tools to them - not just a
tool and an eraser. 

>   Oh, and make another entry `Force Tool for all Images,' which is
> only active if the user has `stuck' a tool to at least one image. The
> difference to `Activate for all' would be that the latter doesn't
> override individual tools stuck to single images, while the former
> does. Kinda like any -f switch you've ever seen. ;-)

Well you'd need to "activate" the "Sticky" tool somehow anyway. Why not just
press a key to switch the tool for real? I think this is like shooting a
mosquito with a nuclear blast..

>   I actually think this would be pretty intuitive, but then I'm used
> to the -f-switch-idiom.




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