>what then if you need to use the one other tool nstead of the pencil just
>_for one second_ ? Then you need to change the active tool again and
>you lose the whole point for this.

Choosing between 400 clicks vs. 100 + 1 clicks is clear. The one seconds
I would use the palette image as something else than as palette are very
rare. We can always imagine pathological cases if we wish and we may forget
to examine how often they actually happens!

>I am just happy with pressing "P" for
>pencil and "K" for inK tool for example. I really think this is gonna be
>even more confusing - especially for new users. This is just what the key
>shortcuts are for.

Does the color picker pop-up a dialog window? Everytime that happens I need
to explicitly put it on the screen somewhere and that is bad. (It is also
unintuitive but I won't go there for now.)

If it doesn't happen, should everything work fine for me. Maybe my GIMP
is too old because I get that dialog window.

Lets not forget the idea of generalizing the active tool. Setting the
environment as imagewise sounds attracting and something which should
not be forgotten this fast. I'm already thinking how to generalize that
idea even further. It is not far from this that the GUI would be intelligent
and modify itself based on how the artists usually works... how much
efforts has been put to these modern intelligent GUI ideas anyway?


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