On Fri, Dec 24, 1999 at 04:08:34PM -0500, Blue Lang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Which file is the loadable object for module Gimp? I've been trying since
> 1.1.12 to get gimp+perl working.. :)

Did you try to build via cvs or from a tarball?

> make install always fials in the perl dir with 'no rule to make install.'

Interesting ;) Did you do a "make distclean"?

If yes, it would be interesting to get the output of configure 
("./autogen.sh >config.out 2>&1") and the "config.log" file.

> I've cobbled this build together - Is there a definative source for all of
> the perl stuff you need to make those plug-ins work

Yes, the README.perl for example ;)

The only thing you need to make most of the perl plug-ins show up in your
menu is perl (5.004 is ok, 5.005 is better). But having more would be

> or a way to have the plug ins without using perl?

You can have many plug-ins without perl ;)= Just not the perl plug-ins.

> Disabling perl seems to also take away a great deal of gimp
> functionality.. Is this true, or am I on crack?

That depends on you. The gimp core is not at all affected by not having
gimp-perl. A few perl functions are, however, spread over the menus (i.e.
outside the Filters menu where most plug-ins reside), so if you use these
much (e.g. Layers/Stack/Reorder or Select/Triangle) you will miss them,
but most of these are not *neccessary* to use gimp.

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