On Sat, Dec 25, 1999 at 12:13:29AM +0100, Hans Breuer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Are there by definition no version problems on Linux? 

almost. The only library the xserver is linked against is libc (+libm and
libdl, both part of libc). Thats the only part where a version mismatch
might happen.

If the x server crashes it is by definition a bug in the x server, wether
it is caused by a buggy gimp or not...

> (I'm one of these perveted guys, using Gimp on Windoze most of the time; 
>  where dealing with such problems is common)

The root of the problme might well be a versioning problem, but it is also
a bug in x (OTOH, "the machine hangs" is not a very concrete description

> Marc, wouldn't it be a good starting point to check version problems
> first? Maybe for Gtk independendant from Gimp.

Hmm... Yes, but this will not fix the real bug...

> >> version is printed.) So... does anybody know what I could do now?
> >> Maybe compile the programme myself?
> >
> IHMO you should check for multiple Gimps too, and obviously which one
> is started, if you type only gimp on xterm.

Multiple gimps and multiple gtk+'s and multiple glib's don't work with
each other on the same machine (i.e. unless you really know what you are

> If everything worked fine before updating, I would expect software
> (configuration) problems, instead of mysterious harware problems.

if the system freezes under x and he didn't run gimp as root then it is
definitely a bug in x, the kernel, or in the libc.

updating gtk+ might hide the bug..

btw: re-installing is the advice I gave, which would probably fix his
problems if they are a softwrae thing.

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