Hi GIMP developers,

I'd like thank you for your nice work.

We are in the OpenCores and OpenIPCores Project need logos "for the web
and printed materials" for our project. and one of our main goals is to
have almost everything done using free open source tools. So if you can
draw a logo for us we will put a link for your tool in our site in the
tools page "http://www.openip.org/oc/Tools.html"

we already have some suggestions you can find them below that we
implemented and other we could not so please help us

For OpenIPCore project
http://www.openip.org/oc/oipclogo.tar.gz   made by GIMP 

Suggestion : the name of the project breaks a small chip 

for OpenCores project
http://www.opencores.org/Sigla1.jpg        made by coreldraw
http://www.opencores.org/Sigla.gif         made by coreldraw

About out projects:
we are trying to develope set of free opensource hardware designs a la
GNU and open source software. you are welcome to join us and give us
any comments that may help us

Thanks for your contribution

Jamil Khatib
OpenIP Organization http://www.openip.org
OpenIPCore Project  http://www.openip.org/oc
OpenCores Project   http://www.opencores.org

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