On Sun, Dec 26, 1999 at 10:19:16PM -0500, Blue Lang wrote:
> (is there a bug tracker on gimp.org anywheres?)
> got this from CVS sometime last week, it's pretty current.
> copy some stuff into a buffer using edit->copy
> create a new image
> add a new layer to the new image
> paste buffer into new layer
> highlight background layer
> click the little garbage can
> your new layer is deleted (should have been bg layer)
> am i doing this wrong, or is there something funky with layers? i've
> noticed it doing stuff like this for the last few days..

This is something I have run into also. It is a problem of activating a
layer from the layers dialog. It works correctly if you select the
background layer with PageUp/PageDown keys (press those over the image)

I have similar trouble selecting layers from the Layers dialog - the layer
_seems_ to get selected but it doesnt really get active (filters effect the
wrong layer and you can accidentally delete wrong layers etc..) However once
you press PageUp or PageDown (or select layers from the Layers menu for that
matter I guess) it works right. So there is something wrong with the layer
list widget and the signals or something?

This has been around for quite a while, some weeks at least btw, I mentioned
this to yosh a while ago but I think he couldnt reproduce it at that point.




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