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(is there a bug tracker on anywheres?)
Review current ones at:
Enter new ones at
(This is a convenience form frontend for the gnome bug tracking system  that xach made.
You can also use conventional e-mail. Instructions at: )
Find out what's been changed in the last twenty four hours at:
Other useful announcements and links at

I've heard of this happening, but can't reproduce as of yet:

got this from CVS sometime last week, it's pretty current.

copy some stuff into a buffer using edit->copy
create a new image
add a new layer to the new image
paste buffer into new layer (Clarification: do you literally mean "Paste Into", the pasting operation by that name?)

Gets anchored at this point, right?
highlight background layer
click the little garbage can
your new layer is deleted (should have been bg layer)

am i doing this wrong, or is there something funky with layers? i've
noticed it doing stuff like this for the last few days..

Were you clicking in or around the vicinity of the eye icon? I have
an (unsubstantiated) hunch that this has something to do with (unintended)
interaction with that puppy.
Thank you!

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