On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 02:43:28PM -0700, "Michael J. Hammel" 
> Nick Lamb pointed out the "make install-strip" option to me last night.

Didn't know that one, either.

> person.  Unfortunately, there is no reference to this option in the INSTALL
> file.

Bad. This (and the missing configure options) should be documented before
1.2 indeed.

> So it's not "intuitively obvious to the casual observer."

Well, I would say that it is "intuitively obvious" for everybody who installs
software that stripping binaries would be a good idea when in need for space

> this was the case or not.  A quick check shows the plug-ins are dynamically
> linked, but not stripped, using the default settings for configure (except
> for the --prefix option).

An admin is free to set sitewide defaults that he likes for configure
scripts. A user as well.

> Since the plug-ins ask for their location in the menu structure via the
> PDB, simply not installing certain plug-ins establishes the configuration
> of the menus (to some extent).

That would be a start, yes. However just "not installing them" disables
them for all users, so is not really a customization to a specific user.

> easiest to handle since it separates the management of installation from
> the management of development.  Thats just one dudes opinion, of course.

My opinion on this is that we probably need a seperate cvs for

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