Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Isn't it rather counter-productive if possibly several users install
> private copies of useful applications like the GIMP?

There are reasons for me to do it this way.  I don't think the GIMP
developers list is that interested in what those reasons are, and I'm
sorry I distracted you with a little personal detail.

In any case, there's still the issue of how much space it takes.  The
distribution gives people (me, sysadmins, whoever) the option of 55MB
or nothing.

I'm just suggesting that there are circumstances in which a 7MB
installation is feasible and a 55MB installation is not.  It would be
easy to make a minimal installation trivial with a configuration flag,
rather than making each of us go through and delete files (and strip
the binary).

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