> There are reasons for me to do it this way.  I don't think the GIMP
> developers list is that interested in what those reasons are, and I'm
> sorry I distracted you with a little personal detail.
> In any case, there's still the issue of how much space it takes.  The
> distribution gives people (me, sysadmins, whoever) the option of 55MB
> or nothing.
> I'm just suggesting that there are circumstances in which a 7MB
> installation is feasible and a 55MB installation is not.  It would be
> easy to make a minimal installation trivial with a configuration flag,
> rather than making each of us go through and delete files (and strip
> the binary).

Well, you have got the source! If you think it is worth the effort, why
don't you edit configure.in and what else is needed and come back with a 
patch? Eventually we like it so much that it gets included...

Salut, Sven

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