[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Sven Neumann) writes:

> If you think it is worth the effort, why don't you edit configure.in
> and what else is needed and come back with a patch? 

Why would I spend time working on something without having some
expectation that it wouldn't just get thrown away?  I have no idea
whether the folks in charge of this piece want this feature.  If not,
it doesn't matter whether I implement it; I'd just be wasting my time.

I'm busy with enough other (free software) projects that I don't want
to waste time coding to /dev/null.  But if I suggest it to the
developers list, perhaps someone with more time and/or more clout will
think it's a good idea and it will actually get done.  

Besides, if I do it myself, nothing will get done on my other
projects, because none of you are going to work on them.

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