Thus spoke Marc Lehmann
> Actually, the _whole_ gimp installation on an average linux x86 machine
> (MINE) takes less than 13MB.

It's 58Mb on my box, installed from the 1.1.14 source built with Gimp Perl

> (Note that this is no reason not to provide a minimal install, and
> something like that is already planned, but 55MB is, I think, a bit
> oversized).

Not really.  Seems about right.

> > Of course the hard part is deciding what should go in it.  I could see
> It would be cool to have some configurator for this.

I read through this thread and wondered whether adding installation support
should really be part of the Gimp source itself.  After thinking it over
for a time, I believe distribution issues are separate from core
development and should be addressed using external resources.

For example, it would not be exceptionally hard to build a binary
distribution placed on a CD which used a modified version of Loki's setup
utility to perform some varations of installation.  This might also be
possible (though a bit more convoluted) to provide source distributions
which only build the parts of interest.  But the responsibility of letting
the user determine what should be installed falls in the setup tool, not in 
the Gimp.  Gimp should build everything and let an installation tool
provide installation options.

Anyway, just something I was thinking about since I recently reviewed
Loki's setup.
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