Thus spoke Marc Lehmann
> > It's 58Mb on my box, installed from the 1.1.14 source built with Gimp Perl
> > disabled.
> Have you tried to compile without debugging info? It's also that large
> _if_ I compile it with debugging info enabled, something that is clearly
> overkill if one doesn't debug gimp.

Nick Lamb pointed out the "make install-strip" option to me last night.
You're right, compiling with debug info isn't necessary for the average
person.  Unfortunately, there is no reference to this option in the INSTALL
file.  So it's not "intuitively obvious to the casual observer."

> > > something like that is already planned, but 55MB is, I think, a bit
> > Not really.  Seems about right.
> For developers, yes. I also assume shared libraries.

The default (according to configure --help) is to assume shared libraries.
Disk space was never a big issue for me so I never bothered to check if
this was the case or not.  A quick check shows the plug-ins are dynamically
linked, but not stripped, using the default settings for configure (except
for the --prefix option).

It could be argued that the default for the install option should be to
strip binaries and let developers use a special option to not strip them so
that ordinary users wouldn't have to worry about this issue.  But I'm not
sure if it's that big a deal or not.  Depends on how the developers feel
about it, I guess.

> I think likewise. But think about it this way: you can configure almost
> everything, including menu shortcuts. Why shouldn't you be allowed to
> configure your menus as well?

Since the plug-ins ask for their location in the menu structure via the
PDB, simply not installing certain plug-ins establishes the configuration
of the menus (to some extent).  An installer program would make this
easiest to handle since it separates the management of installation from
the management of development.  Thats just one dudes opinion, of course.  :-)

> This is not the ame as the feature that was requested, of course ;)

Interesting thing about threads - the dangle in every direction.  :-)
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