On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Michael J. Hammel wrote:

> Nick Lamb pointed out the "make install-strip" option to me last night.
> You're right, compiling with debug info isn't necessary for the average
> person.  Unfortunately, there is no reference to this option in the INSTALL
> file.  So it's not "intuitively obvious to the casual observer."
> It could be argued that the default for the install option should be to
> strip binaries and let developers use a special option to not strip them so
> that ordinary users wouldn't have to worry about this issue.  But I'm not
> sure if it's that big a deal or not.  Depends on how the developers feel
> about it, I guess.

Call me conservative, but I think that if you're not a developer (or at
least a savvy enough user to use GDB to report backtraces) you oughtn't to
be installing from source.  As was discussed earlier on this list;
packaging issues should be left to the packager, they are not the
responsability of the code.  Also, J Random User who installs the latest
devel tarball because it's got frobnitz support (and he's just gotta have
frobnitz support) and is experiencing some problem with it should be able
to go to a developer and say "what's wrong?" and have the developer walk
them through getting a backtrace from their core (or doing it on an xterm
or whatever).  Making strip the default in this case would be highly
confusing for developers trying to make sense of bug reports...

Documenting it for those building packages, or those who care, would
probably be pretty helpful though =)

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