* Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000101 12:00]:
> >After much procrastination, and input from a number of helpful sources,
> >I've finished my slides for my LinuxWorld talk.  I've put them online and
> >would appreciate any feedback, especially if there are any glaring errors
> >in content or format.
> http://www.graphics-muse.com/gimp/linuxworld/history-2.html
> Federico did something before Manish, no? Well, that is what I think. Can
> anyone say if that part of timeline is 100% correct? What did Federico? Just
> code some parts or manage source tree for some time? Now I have the doubt, I
> would like it solved. Thanks.

Yes, Federico did indeed have a period as gimp maintainer.  My pre-1.0 history
may be found at http://www.gimp.org/~sjburges/gimp-history.html for
those that are curious.

Someone should really pick up from there so the year and a half since
this was last touched isn't lost forever...

Seth Burgess

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