Hi Gimpers,
attached are some patches, with the major purpose to get the Python 
extension running on Windoze (compiled directly from CVS). 

The respective changes to PyGimp are in CVS since a while now, but
due to the different executable handling on Windoze, there are
changes necessary in the Gimp core, too. (Mainly a specialized 
implementation of _spawnv2() ).

Additional these patches include some bugfixes usefull on *nix, too.

Here is the suggested ChangeLog entry:

        * app/datafiles.c : redefine the executable flag for Win32
        to _S_IREAD, to get _all_ files from the plug-in dirs as
        executables (including scripts)
        * app/main.c : Win32 specific changes to allow to built Gimp
        as console application, with all it's benefits (like inheriting the
        console) but hide it, if the user doesn't want it.
        * app/makefile.msc : built as console app, and link shell32.lib
        to use function FindExecutable in _spawn2().
        Also use gtk_cfg.inc, to allow simple switching of GTK versions to use
        * app/paint_core.c : use gimage_active_drawable (gdisp->gimage)
        instead of only the function pointer in (* paint_core->paint_func).
        My compiler told me to do so ...
        * app/plug_in.c : implement and use _spawnv2 (only if G_OS_WIN32)
        and some extra code to properly kill plug-ins

        * libgimp/color_display.h : fixed G_MODULE_EXPORT declarations
        * libgimp/makefile.msc : use gtk_cfg.inc

        * plug-ins/makefile.msc : use gtk_cfg.inc and add build path
        for modules like Gimp-Python
        * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpmodule.c : reflect renaming of NATIVE_WIN32
        to G_OS_WIN32
        * plug-ins/pygimp/gimp.def : new file

That's all. Could somebody be so kind to apply these changes to CVS
(or tell why not).

Thanks in advance,



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