Thanks to Sven, Seth, Gary and everyone else who sent me email about the
Linuxworld slides.  The comments were merged and the updates have been
uploaded.  This set of slides is the one that will be on the LinuxWorld CD,
but I'm still open to other comments or ideas.  I'm trying to track down a
decent Wacom tablet to show how well these are supported now.  I have a Pen
Partner, but that's not going to show much.  If anyone has one and will be
at LinuxWorld and wants to demo it at the talk, let me know.

Oh, someone asked if there was going to be any Gimp demonstrations at the
exhibit.  I don't know of any, but I'm willing to bet I can find someone
willing to offer a system for demonstration purposes.  Heck, we can even
use my laptop if need be, as long as we have a booth to display in.  Maybe 
schedule a demo in a booth with Linux Weekly News (if they're interested, 
since I know them) or some other exhibitor.  Anyone else going that might 
want to help with this?
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