Hi Peter.

> I needed the same feature some years ago when I wrote an ASCII plugin
> that was able to read and display ASCII files. At that time a change was
> made
> that the renderer will not crop when the border-parameter was specified
> with a negative value. I suppose this feature works up to now.
> I dont know what this border parameter is good for. Specifying any value
> always cropped me the textbox. But since a lot of scripts are using
> gimp-text, changes should be made carefully.

Splendit! That is exactly what I need. I've seen the code that does it,
but I totally missed it's meaning :)

Thanks for the fast reply. It now works terrific.

I strongly suggest changing the register help text for the text render
functions to include a hint to this behaviour. Nobody should have to spent
three days searching for that anymore :)


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