On  4 Jan, Sven Neumann wrote:

> on our way from 1.0 to 1.2 we included a few plug-ins that were 
> considered not to be stable enough to be included with a stable 
> release. This was done in the hope that the inclusion into the 
> 1.1 developement tree would encourage people to work on those
> plug-ins so that they would become stable enough to be released
> with 1.2. 

 Hm, there are two thing that are really annoying me:


 libgtk, libgdk and libgimp should provide all methods which are
 necessary to build plug-ins. If they do (and I think they do) then
 there's no reason for existance of these kludges and they should be
 removed. If they don't we should integrate the necessary functionality
 into libgimp and thus provide a straightforward and common way to build

 Yosh: Will these changes have any chance to get into the tree soon
 if I'm providing the necessary patches? 



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