>A question about patents. Is putting something on the web enough to
>prevent someone patenting it, or could someone download my plug-in and
>then patent the algorithm?

Your plugin is prior art so patents can not be taken. But web is still a
weird place, so you will have to convice lawyers that it is your and since
day X.

What I would do is to register your plugin (copyright office) or get an
official stamp (notary? I hope that is the correct word for the guy who does
that). In other words, an official doc that says that since day X your app
exists, and is yours.

So if anybody tries to patent it he will be unable to get it (prior art) or
will get a void patent (due lack of prior art research). I think that the
copyright registration is not expensive, and as legal evidence it should be
enough. And it will also in the case of somebody not following your license.

Anyway, check with a lawyer, IANAL.


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