On Fri, 7 Jan 2000 23:40:02 +1100 (EST), Paul F Harrison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

>I have made a plug-in that does some interesting things, like applying
>a theme taken from one image and applying it to another, or making an
>image tilable. More details at


>This is my first plug-in (and my first post to this list). Any comments
>would be appreciated, especially about any GIMP conventions i may have
>inadvertantly missed.

It's incredibly slow, probably because you did a naive iteration
across the image instead of using pixel regions.  Doing direct
iterations across a gimp image thrashes the system badly and is an
evil thing to do.  Please rewrite your code to use pixel regions and
rerelease.  (I'd do it myself but I'm on other tasks ATM.)


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