> Matt.Wilkie writes:
>  > I'm getting this weird display problem with some PNG 
>  > images, a sample is attached. Please let me know if
>  > you do/don't have similar problems.
> The PNG apparently claims to have the display (and print) resolution
> of 0 pixels/inch... Set it with Image>Scale Image>Print Size & Display
> Unit>Resolution X and Y and the image appears. The PNG plug-in
> probably should check for this and use some sensible default if the
> file claims 0 dpi?

I have changed the core so that it does not accept zero resolutions. 

Additionally I have changed all plug-ins that try to set the resolution 
to check the value and simply don't set it at all if it is invalid. Gimp
will then use the default set up by the user.

Salut, Sven

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