> >I have changed the core so that it does not accept zero resolutions. 
> >Additionally I have changed all plug-ins that try to set the resolution 
> >to check the value and simply don't set it at all if it is invalid. Gimp
> >will then use the default set up by the user.
> Please make sure that XCF loading is not exempt from these checks.
> (XCF loads seem to bypass core sanity checking sometimes..)

Thanks for the tip. It looks like XCF did it right this time and by looking
at it I found that we have definitions for GIMP_MIN_RESOLUTION and 
GIMP_MAX_RESOLUTION. So the core now checks for these bounds.

I have again removed the checks from the plug-ins since this only bloats the 
plug-in code.

Salut, Sven

> Kelly

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