Through some mechanism I have managed to set up my tool box to fill my
whole screen. I'd like to back to the simple set of tools that occupy
the right hand corner of my screen (approximately). This is very
embarassing to someone who make biologicial drawing with the sphere
brush and can actually write albeit flkaeely in scheme. Any suggestions
would bne most helpful there is something 
simmple I must have over looked. I tried looking theu all turotitals
and the
like and have failed to find the fix. 

I have one bizarre suggestions and that is the lowly and forgotten flow
I find when I draw or do stuff in gimp, that silly as it seems that all
art tecniques work well if I flow chart them and I seldom forget a
trick I learned on was told. Is this something gneral or is it just me??

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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