Garry R. Osgood ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> If there were one feature of Simon's path tool that I would like to have
> automagically appear in the Integrated path selection tool, it is the ability
> to manipulate the curve by "pulling" on it directly. it is a very pleasant
> way to adjust curves. It's effect needs to be adjusted near control points;
> bezier basis functions associated with the first and fourth control points
> grow expotentially to unity, so manipulating Simon's path near control
                        ^^^^^  infinity?
> points can be a tad exasperating.

Yeah. The basic idea is, that when you drag on the curve near an endpoint
you dont want to change the curve at the other endpoint. So I have to
move the handle from the near endpoint more drastically to achieve
the "curve-dragging" effect. Maybe I should limit the ratio at some point...

Anyway: It is not too hard to get the control-point back: Simply drag
the curve near the anchor towards the anchor. The controlpoint will
appear as quick as he went away earlier :-)


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