Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > How about some comments for feature triage? There are some features in
> > Gimp 1.1.x which are buggy or unusable, yet stay the same for weeks
> > at a time. Without paid staff to do this work, we must throw away [*]
> > stuff that's not going to make it. On my short list...


> > * Paths
> Simon ?

Umm - Yes. Im terribly sorry, but at the moment my Dis-organizer works
a little bit too well. A short summary of the state of the tool:

Good News:
* Manipulating the path works, maybe needs some minor cleanups.
* Converting to a selection probably is easy, since there is code
  from Andy to convert an array of floats to an selection.
* The code seems fairly stable - I dont get crashes at the moment.

Bad News:
* The API for new path types is not sane at the moment. At some points
  are Ints instead of floats, some functions do have too much parameters
  and so on. 
* The integration with the paths Tab in the L&C Dialog/the PDB Path API/
  The XCF-Format is probably horrible - at least for me. Im not sure
  if this is on the TODO for 1.2, since there are lots of points, where
  we can break something.

My point of view: If the Integration of the Paths tool could not be done
before 1.2 we should not include the tool. Its use is too limited in the
current state. It should be fairly easy to remove the files shortly before
the 1.2 release if necessary.

Ill try to do something on the tool in the next time, but as always I
cannot promise anything. The first thing would be the API cleanup, the
second thing would be to prepare the conversion to a selection, but bound to
some strange events, since we need the Integration for the right way to
do it.

Hope this clears some things. Ill respond to questions... :-)



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