Print 3.0.4 is on my web site.  This is the same as print,
with the following changes:

1) Minor OS/2 fix (from the Gimp source tree).

2) A few other minor fixes from the Gimp source tree.

3) A minor bug fix in the Epson driver.

4) Minor updates to README.

5) Updates to the softweave unit test.

6) Possibly somewhat smoother output in dark midtones.

This is a fairly significant change from 3.0.3.  I believe that
overall it's an improvement.

Note that my dark magenta head is still partially clogged, so I cannot
test this thoroughly.  I've done some point tests and am hoping for
the best.

I have the requests for the 440/640/740/900, and for 1440 dpi mode for
the 1520.  These are being worked on on the mainline.  They are less
trivial than I thought, at least for softweave support, although it
shouldn't be too difficult.

Olof, this can go into the source tree.  I would REALLY appreciate the
plug-in name and version, and in particular any Gimp/GTK/glib headers,
be kept out of print.h and all of the .c files except print.c.  It is
my intention to eventually port this to Ghostscript and/or CUPS, and
for that reason I do not want any non-standard code in the engine and
printer drivers.  If it is absolutely necessary to put this in
print.h, I'll split off another header file for the engine.  Also, I'm
not certain that the KDE fix made it into this version; if not, please
give me the patch for that and I'll put it back in to my 3.0 branch
and my development mainline.

Due to my printer being on the frotz, this will likely be the last
release for a while unless there are bugs, and it may be the last 3.0
release.  I'm hoping to include preliminary code for some of the newer
printers in 3.1, although that will not have the variable dot size
stuff, so the 740/900/750/1200 will not print with optimal quality in
any event (and I don't have any of these printers handy to test on,
anyway, so getting all of the Epson-specific code right will be a bit
of a chore).

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