On Thursday, 13 Jan 2000, David Monniaux wrote:

> #: app/undo.c:2874
> msgid "FS to layer"
> msgstr "FS vers calque"
> #. ok
> #: app/undo.c:2875
> msgid "gimage"
> msgstr "gimage"
> #: app/undo.c:2876
> msgid "FS rigor"
> msgstr ""
> #: app/undo.c:2877
> msgid "FS relax"
> msgstr ""
> What do these options mean?

FS is floating selection.  I agree, the messages are not exactly very

"FS to layer" is what happens when you convert a floating selection
into a full, proper layer.

"gimage" is a pretty non-descriptive catch-all undo type used in many
places, mostly when pushing an entire tile manager on the undo stack.
Ideally, we'd go round all the places "gimage" is used, and give a
more meaningful undo type (eg paint or fill or whatever).  Ditto for
"gimage mod" and "paint core".

"FS rigor" and "FS relax" are used in pairs to temporarily hide the
floating sel and display what's under it (eg during floating selection
moves).  They should never actually appear as undos by themselves, but
as part of a larger group.  I don't think there's any need to
translate them.

In my opinion, floating selections should be taken out and shot, since
we now have proper layers.  They cause much confusion to users, and
require lots of special-case code.


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