> I've been checking CVS Gimp with some "real users" lately.
> One complaint was that there is no obvious way to rotate the image. Of
> course, WE all know it's the transform tool in rotation mode, but it's not
> trivial to guess: the tip for the tool just says "Transform".
> Do you agree to some modifications on the English (and of course French)
> texts on this example and others so that tip messages supply more
> immediately understandable information?
Yes, please go for it. The "Tip of the day" messages haven't seen an update 
for long and should definitely be extended and checked for correctness.

Please also add the following stuff:

- Rotating by multiples of 90 degrees is hidden in the Image->Transform and
  Layer menus
- It is very important that people set their tile_cachs_size to a reasonable
  value and take care that the swap_directory has enough space and is on a 
  local filesystem
- Turning "Dot for Dot" off makes Gimp display realworld coordinates.

Salut, Sven 

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