Well, I had to do a 3.0.5, due to a bug that Dave Hill spotted last
night.  This bug causes a null pointer dereference on any attempt to
print in color to a printer that only supports CMY (not CMYK)
printing, such as the Epson Stylus Color 1500 (or the HP Deskjet 600
that he uses).  This bug has been in the code for a while.

Dave has also gotten the plugin to work with Gimp 1.0; when I get the
patch I'll put it in.  This bug is critical enough for people with the
right printer that I want to do a release now.  Depending upon the
complexity of the patch I'll decide whether to do 3.0.6 for it.

Olof, this one's also good for the CVS tree when you get a chance.

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