I've shown Gimp 1.1.15 to two "normal" end-users (ie non-programmers), one
of which had a Wacom tablet.

* Tear-off menus are useful and intuitive (I think we should perhaps
  reinforce the --- line by a scissor logo (such as character 0x21 in the
  Zapf Dingbats font).
* Previews in file loading work well and are appreciated.
* XInput-aware tools, especially Ink, do interesting effects.
* i18n is appreciated.

A few things in the core application:
* Layers and channels are *not* intuitive enough.
* Bucket fill and magic select can't be made to select an area of
  contiguous emptyness (alpha=0).
* The error margin in Select By Color is not very satisfactory.
  A selector that could specify a portion of the HSV space (perhaps as
  three ranges) could be interesting.

More problematic are the plugins:
* Many plug-ins are not intuitive. They use self-made vocabulary, feature
  no online help, have numeric parameters whose influence is mysterious...
* Plug-ins that generate another image from the current image (ex: polar
  coords) have no parameter (output size).
* Some plugins don't work on grayscale images for no clear reason.

* Printing (under Linux) yields back results on certain printers
  (HP DeskJet 690C).
* The tablet doesn't work under Windows.
* Sometimes, clicking on a layer name in the Layers dialog does not work.
* PovRay synthesis is (incorrectly) disabled when no image is open.

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