On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, David Monniaux wrote:

> I've shown Gimp 1.1.15 to two "normal" end-users (ie non-programmers), one
> of which had a Wacom tablet.

Sorry chaps, just had to chip with my 0.02 worth too.

> * Previews in file loading work well and are appreciated.

Here, here. Even better would be some kind of merge of Guash with the file
dialog. Especially for those of us that are running GIMP seperate from

> A few things in the core application:
> * Layers and channels are *not* intuitive enough.

as has been noted by glyph lefkovitz, that that's very personal. But I
think a function that would allow the grouping/ungrouping of layers would
be a super great incredibly huge megariffic improvement. And how about
including a compile-time or gimprc setting for removal/hiding of the
layers-dialog close btn?? Pretty Please?? The only time I've ever used it
was when I've mis-clicked the other buttons at the bottom of the layers

> * Printing (under Linux) yields back results on certain printers
>   (HP DeskJet 690C).

adjusting the gamma of the image works really well for me. Maybe the print
dialog should offer some 'standard' gamma settings.

And yes, I'd try and code my comments myself but tcl/tk doesn't get you
very far in core-gimp. Sorry.

kind regards & keep up the good work - it's _much_ appreciated,

avi bercovich

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