"Garry R. Osgood" wrote:
> Marc Lehmann wrote:

> > I still think this is the only way you could get these messages. Maybe "make
> > uninstall" did not work for some reason? The mos tprobable fix, then, is to
> >
> > rm `gimptool --prefix`/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/*.pl

This did the trick. It starts MUCH faster now :-)

> <snipped...>
> Glenn also reported: "I also did a make uninstall on the old version
> after
> I got a good make on the new..."
> Was "make uninstall" invoked on Makefiles generated by the 1.1.15
> package?
> These are not likely to be symmetrical with those generated by 1.1.12,
> and, I
> don't believe, can be expected to clean up after what Makefiles
> generated
> under 1.1.12 produced.
I did the "make uninstall" on the 1.1.12 Makefile. I had all of the
1.1.12 files in a separate directory from the 1.1.15

I did this:

cd /packages/gimp-1.1.15
./configure; make

Looked good so,

cd /packages/gimp-1.1.12
make uninstall
cd /packages/gimp-1.1.15
make install-strip

When I started it up the first time it was looking for the
libgimp-1.1.so.12. I then,
rm -f /packages/gimp-1.1.12
cd /packages/gimp-1.1.15
make uninstall; make clean; ./configure; make; make install-strip


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