the last call for contributions was a great success. The list of plug-ins
that remain to be gettextized has shrunk down to (assuming that the posted
list was correct):


and I`m sure someone is already working on these.

So, here comes the next call for help: This one is targeted especially
at people who always wanted to contribute, but couldn't due to the lack
of coding skills. There's some documentation shipped with The GIMP that
urgently needs to be updated and checked for correctness before version
1.2 can be released. Here's a list of things that need to be overworked:

        gimprc.5   (generated from gimprc.5.in)  

stuff in the docs directory:

        keybindings.txt    ( do we need both ? )

Additionally gimprc.in from which the global configuration file is 
generated should be checked for completeness and correctness. All
possible configurations should be listed here with useful comments. 
The Phtoshop-keybindings file ps-menurc has to be updated to reflect
the changes in the menu-structure.

There's probably more....

If you want to take one of those jobs, please announce that you are
working on it, so we don't duplicate effort. Before starting to work 
on one of the files listed here, send me an email. I'll try to 
coordinate the work.

Salut, Sven

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