Tor Lillqvist writes:
| Tamito KAJIYAMA writes:
|  > I've just installed 1.1.15 and found a bug (IMO) that Script-Fu
|  > failed if a string containing double quotes was given as an
|  > argument of the SF_STRING type.  Attached is a quick and dirty
|  > patch for fixing that bug.
| This patch is unnecessary when using GLib 1.3 or later, as the whole
| point of g_strescape() (which is what the ESCAPE macro in the source
| calls) is to escape chars that are risky in a C (or script-fu) string,
| like double quotes or nonprinting characters.

Good news :)

| Unfortunately g_strescape as implemented in GLib 1.2 escapes only
| backslashes... (because or my shortsightedness, I confess), not double
| quotes (or nonprinting characters). However, the code in the GIMP that
| uses g_strescape() gets unnecessary complex if we start taking that
| into consideration.

Yes.  My patch was a compromise.

| Wouldn't it be far simpler to release a newer version of GLib 1.2,
| with g_strescape() having the same calling convention as before (the
| prototype was changed in GLib 1.3 (partial sigh)), but with a wider
| range of characters handled, and then require this GLib version
| (1.2.7?) for the development GIMP?

I cast my vote for this approach.


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