>Glyph Lefkowitz writes:
> > XInput *obviously* won't
> > work on Win32, since it's **X**input ^_^ (<sarcasm>hm, I wonder, maybe we
> > could use DirectX-Input or something</sarcasm>))
>The tablet input was just temporarily broken in the Windows GTk+
>version in the currently distributed GIMP for Windows snapshot. The
>brokenness was a side-effect of the code changes when the GDK backends
>were reorganised. The code to support tablet input on Windows has been
>in GTk+ for some time. (Obviously it doesn't use XInput, but another
>API, called WinTab.)

WinTab? My old little friend WinTab. ;>

>That said, I certainly admit that the tablet support on Windows needs

I dunno Gimp, but MS Windows needs a better WinTab (at least NT). I
complained to Wacom about being unable to turn off and on my tablet, and
they told me it was a MS Windows problem. I tried with the NT services
thing, and there was not way, it did nothing (at least nothing broke either).

XFree allows it, if you do not need the tablet, you can turn it off. Only
must be on when launching X, then you can play with the switch as much as
you want. [For the record, so if problem arises it is answered already.]


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