Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Greetings, all!
> Here is the information Manish Singh sent out some time ago regarding the
> switch from majordomo to the ezmlm style of mailing list.

Thanks, but that left a couple of unanswered questions.  Apparently, the
list is running _completely_ on auto-pilot (although I do appreciate
providing resources...) I managed to infer a couple of other things
that might help people with ezmlm

Send mail to


gives you a little more info about options. In particular, it says


will subscribe [EMAIL PROTECTED]; useful if you have a `prefered' address
different from the address the message was sent from.  It also gives 
a clue that:


will unsubscribe [EMAIL PROTECTED]
[At least it looks that way; I'll have to see how many copies of this 
I get!!! :>]
That latter is useful if you've changed email addresses and can't send
mail from the old one (the advertised, simpler, form of unsubscribe 
only works if sent from the old address!)

`Hope that helps'

Bruce Miller

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