> Well, STATUS_CANCEL would be a way to cleanly cancel a plugin. And pressing
> > "Cancel" in the "Save as Whatwver" dialog of course causes the plugin to
> > exit cleanly without leaving any garbage
> This is wrong! Pressing cancel will simply drop the connection to the
> plug-in, which will happily run (since it has no way of detecting this)
> for as long as it wants. Only on the next call the a libgimp function
> causing communication will libgimp call exit(0).
> _No_ files or other persistent resources will ever be removed without
> special support from the plug-in (which I do not see in the plug-ins), 
> and there is no way of detecting this from a plug-in while it runs.

Marc, you are definitely getting the idea totally wrong. We are talking 
about the user pressing the Cancel button in a save-plugin dialog. You 
know, the kind of dialog that asks for a comment, or compression level or 
whatever before anything actually happens. As it is know, the save plugins 
return with STATUS_EXECUTION_ERROR if this happens and the core pops up a 
warning message as a result. The plugins can however not return 
STATUS_SUCCESS since if they would the image would be marked as clean 
even though is was not saved. 

Cancelling a running plug-in from the core is another thing and it is of
course fine to pop up a message saying "Save failed" in that case.

Salut, Sven

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