Sven Neumann wrote:
> [ New ]  Creates a new text layer. This would make the popup window
> unnecessary,
>          since the fact that a new layer has to be created is visible by the
>          sensitivity state of the buttons (if OK is not useable, a new layer
>          has to be created using the New button). Additionally this would
> allow
>          to use the settings of an existing text layer to create a new one
> with
>          the same font but different text. Simply click into a text layer,
>          change the Text and hit New.

Well I feel that the "new" button is a bit too much. The plug-in should
just create the layer when it is needed eg. when you've written your
text and applied (or pressed ok) it.
There is no need to require the user to specifically create it. When the
user clicks inside active GDynText layer it will be edited and if the
user doesn't click inside GDynText layer it will create one.

Or we can put one of those "do not show this dialog anymore"-checkboxes
to the dialog.

Then again the "new" button is usefull when creating several layers of
text with similar settings, but even then I wouldn't group it with OK,
Apply and Close.

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