-> GIMP 1.1.15 is out there.
-> ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/unstable/v1.1.15/
-> Lots of bug fixes, UI work, i18n stuff. Details in ChangeLog.
-> -Yosh
I finally have gotten around to building some rpms for 1.1.15 they can be 
found at :


There is a gimp rpm that contains gimp and all the standard stuff, a 
gimp-perl plugin that contains the Gimp:: perl extension and the plugins 
that go with that and finally a devel rpm for the include files and static 
libs. The src rpm is there also for those wanting to roll their own rpm. 
The spec file has been checked into cvs.

Wacko is kinda bandwidth challenged so if someone has somewhere with more 
bandwidth/space it would be appreciated.

I'm working on alpha rpms but the PDL:: perl bit is being difficult.

- Greg

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