On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 01:41:55AM +0100, Mike <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've been using the Perl plug-in logulator for logos for quite a while, and
> I ran into several

Good ;) However, it seems that scripts converted from script-fu to perl
have a large tendency to crash the gimp (yes, in ever unpredictable ways).

> 1) The Xtns/Render/Inbevel plug-in runs fine on A and B, but on B if I
> The layers window is then opened, but the three layers resulting have an

The layers dialog was (is?) pretty much broken at some days ;) This is
probbaly being fixed soon.

> a) In the SOTA Chrome script, the chrome factor bar won't accept other
> values than the default one (0.8).

Well spotted... Actually, this seems to be a bug in the sota-chrome
script-fu, which specifies a page size of 2 (and the rand is only 0 to
1). I have no idea why script-fu isn'T affected by this (maybe it just
ignores the pagesize).


> b) The Glossy script is also tricky, because it will stop if the 'Accept

[thats the script-fu bug]

> parameter isn't 0.51 any further, but '0'... How is this possible? When it
> stops, the $inc_shrink value is all the time 0.51, but gimp_selection_shrink
> is called with (0,0)...

gimp_selection_shrink expects an integer, and 0.51 == 0 in that domain. As
I already said earlier, however, I think that shrinking a selection by
zero pixels is a very valid operation. I'll look into that.

> e) In the last script, finally, Web Header Logo, an error is issued because


> I've already been in contact with Marc Lehman, the creator and mantainer of
> the Perl Plug-in, who suggested me I could have hit here the script-fu bug.

In the meantime, your bug-report has vastly improved ;-> Only the case b)
seems to be "the script-fu bug" itself.

> Shall we conclude that the perl plug-in will never work without a new
> version of script-fu?

Glossy will not work until script-fu is fixed (there are, I think one or
two others who depend on script-fu as well). I don't believe in script-fu
getting fixed before 1.2, though.

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