On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Kelly Lynn Martin wrote:

> Anybody understand what the guy in #2355 is asking for?  It looks like
> he wants DynText layers to rerender on layer scale, which would be
> a major architectural change (not impossible, just not something that
> should be squeezed in under a freeze).  Is this just a user
> misunderstanding?

No, it's a bug report somewhat unrelated to gimp. The problem is that
the X font spec allows to pass the size of the font in points instead
of pixels. GDynText and the standard gtk font selector support this.
However, to compute the pixel size corresponding to the point size, X
uses it's own monitor resolution value which is (1) wrong in most cases
and (2) has definitely nothing to do with gimp's image resolution.

I've updated the text tool some time ago to fill the X font spec's
"resolution" field correctly for "points"
(app/text_tool.c:text_set_resolution()). I guess doing the same
for GDynText will fix the problem. If I find the time, I'll have a look
at it.

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