On 24 Jan 2000, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:

> I also remember having big problems with a segfaultet gimp started
> from the gnome panel (or any other non-shell commandline means) and
> gimp crashing while still having grabed the mouse.

YES.  Especially with the grabbed mouse.  I am casting my vote for this
100%, little as it may be worth =)

> I know that the stack trace thing is useful, I only want to have an
> option to avoid it WITHOUT the need to always fiddle the source code.

Since the only advantage of this is the stack-trace for non-developers,
why don't we just have it dump stack, then die, by default, unless you're
running it under GDB or with a --do-annoying-stack-trace-crap option?  I
usually launch GIMP from a button, although nowadays I am actually running
xterm -iconic -e gimp, so that when it dies I can just kill the
xterm. (and hope that it wasn't grabbing the pointer...)

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