On 24 Jan, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> Any suggestions for the name of the new option?  It could be something
> > like "--disable-stack-trace" or "--disable-crash-query", assuming
> that the default behaviour would be to have it enabled in unstable
> releases. Note that I also support the idea posted some time ago on
> this list that suggested to enable most debugging options in the
> unstable releases, but to disable them by default in the stable
> releases (so that you would have to use the opposite option
> --enable-crash-query if you wanted that feature).  And maybe the
> people building RPMs or other pre-compiled packages should disable
> these options as part of the build rules also for unstable releases if
> they think that it is better.

 I will check the behaviour and if it really blocks when not called from
 a terminal I will remove this "feature" for our next distribution
 otherwise it will stay because it gives a good start for bugreports
 even if compiled without debugging information....



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