On Tue, Jan 25, 2000 at 12:03:43PM -0500, "Garry R. Osgood" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> For the record, I think a plug-in CVS tree independent of Gimp is a good idea.

"Let's focus, people!"

> At the time this was discussed, the office of a "plugin-maintainer" was also posed,

I don't think this is a good idea. Ok, it is a good idea, but I fear you
won't find somebody, despite being such an honourable position. GCC is
without release manager and will likely stay without one, simply because
nobody wnated that most honourable position (and the work ;).

> The issue is: who has the time? Without people, good ideas remain abstract.

I have no time, but I would nevertheless devote part of on merges between
the two cvs trees. I could also set up a cvs server, but I firmly believe
that it should be related to the gimp.org domain, and I would first have
to ask my "boss" wether abusing a machine at the university would be ok
(this is a space issue).

So my first wish would be to set up an empty cvs on some reliable server,
and I would try to populate it with the gimp tree, with (say) nightly
updates from main cvs => gimp plug-in cvs (for the core), so that plug-in
developers can just check out the tree from the plg-in server and work

Failing that, I will set up a gimp server on a local machine (in germany),
but I can't promose that (I iwll need to find a free disk, but maybe in
one or two weeks I can spare 2GB for it).

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